Your Single Source for Organic Maple

From experts in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

Sweet Tree Holdings is the go-to source for the 100% pure maple that consumers love. Based in Island Pond, Vermont, we combine single-source supply with a team of experts that Steam Craft™ every delicious drop for a more authentic maple flavor. We offer a wide range of products ranging from organic to flavored syrups and always make sure to take care of our 24,000-acre sugarbush. Because it makes us More Maplier™.

Maple Mastery … At Scale

We make the maple consumers love – and lots of it.

20,000 ACRES
Our own sugarbush

500,000 TAPS
Delivering premium sap

1,000+ STORES
In retailers across the USA

Our brand

Bring in the brand that delivers the authentic maple taste consumers prefer.

The True Taste of the Forest
Grade A golden syrup from happy trees and sappy people.

The offerings to meet all your private label needs

Choose from our lineup or build your own unique maple set. Tap into our expertise,
capacity and quality to ensure all your private label needs are met.
Multiple sizes. Every color. Full flavor lineup.